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Success Stories (Page 3)

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Dylan Woodcock

Dylan was having great difficulty reading and spelling and in turn this affected his confidence and the power to believe in himself. It got to the stage where Dylan did not want to go to school and homework reading was like reading “morse code”.

Dylan’s Grandma came home the one afternoon with a pamphlet for Edublox reading and learning clinic. This was the turning point for Dylan, and he never looked back. Within a short space of time we noticed a difference in his reading. His reading became more fluid. As Dylan progressed his confidence grew and his school teacher became aware of the change in him. The teacher passed a comment at a parents’ evening that he was the first child to put up their hand when asked questions. This made me very proud as a parent to know that help was being given.

Thanks to Marj and Edublox I’ve been able to give my son the knowledge of reading and learning and this for me is like giving love. I am so grateful for all the time and attention that she gives to her students.

Hi Marj

I would like to say a big Thank You for the dedication and hard work you put into teaching Luke this term. I really feel I need to share the below with you as Edublox has contributed to this achievement.

Luke has only been at Edublox for a term, and attends 1 lesson a week…. Today at prize giving Luke received the award for overall progress.

It is great to see results over such a short period, and look forward to next term to cement Luke’s foundation further.

Have a blessed Christmas and a safe New Year.



Iona Sampson: “We were experiencing problems with Liam since Grade 1. He just could not cope with his schoolwork. He could not concentrate and remain focused when doing his homework. Liam was confusing his b’s and d’s and his reading was very slow. We thought the best option is to keep him back and repeat Grade 1.

“In Grade 2 the problem persisted. We had Liam assessed by the school’s educational psychologist. He suggested that we have Liam transferred to a remedial school. I was not satisfied with the answer and started searching on the internet where I discovered Edublox.

“I contacted Monique during the September 2011 holidays and had Liam assessed. I was advised to purchase the home kit so that I could start working with him at home. He also had to attend classes. I sat with him for an hour a day before homework. I included my daughter because Liam wanted to know why he was the only one who had to do Edublox.

“Since then I have seen much improvement in his behaviour. When he gets home I would ask, ‘How was your day?’ and he would say ‘Perfect’, as before he just ignored me or was totally in a bad mood. Liam’s outlook on his schoolwork has improved. He is more focused and we are only six weeks into the program. I know this is not a ‘quick fix’, but it is a reassurance to us that he will achieve greatness at the end of the day.

“My Grade 6 daughter, who sacrificed her time by sitting with us, achieved 80% in Afrikaans and 83% in Social Science in the final examination. To top it all Gabriella was chosen as Learner Councillor (prefect) for 2012.

“Thank you, Monique and staff, for all your hard work. You gave us hope. I will be continuing throughout the December holidays with the course, and will see you next year when we start off again.”

eMail from Reuben Coopoosamy

Update, 6 December 2011: Tristen with his award at prize giving...

Wendy Madden: “Storm started school January 2007. She seemed to progress at a steady pace. In 2008, in Grade 2, I noticed that her reading was not up to scratch. I spoke to her first teacher (she had four different teachers in Grade 2), and was assured that Storm was coping at a steady pace. This carried on until the third term, when the teacher advised me that Storm had a reading and spelling problem. I told her that I had picked that up, but according to the other teachers, Storm was doing fine. In the fourth term her fourth teacher advised me to take Storm for an assessment. She was diagnosed as being ADHD. She passed Grade 2 and in 2009 started in Grade 3.” Read more…

Dear Susan,


As parents of Kyle we wish to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff at Edublox for the excellent help that you have provided Kyle over the past year. When we came to you in May last year, after Kyle had been at another extra-mural learning facility for almost two years previously, we were really very concerned about our son’s future educational and emotional progress.

Within less than a one year period at Edublox, Kyle has progressed from a borderline failure pupil to an “A” achiever. His first term Grade 3 report in 2010 consisted mainly of 2’s and a few 3’s, however by the end of the year he mainly had 3’s and a few 4’s. Then came the first term in Grade 4 this year and he achieved 4’s in all his subjects. My wife and I had tears in our eyes. His interim results for the second term have also indicated the same trend as for the first.

Not only did Kyle’s academic results and achievements improve remarkably, but also his self esteem and confidence in his extra mural activities. His athletics improved to the extent that he represented his school for the first time this year, and his rugby and cricket are growing from strength to strength. He is part of the school team in both sports. Kyle’s temperament has also changed considerably and he is much more relaxed and concentrative than before.

The trips to Pretoria from Witbank on Saturday mornings this past year have been more than worthwhile, and we can honestly say that Kyle enjoyed and looked forward to each Saturday class. We have and will continue to recommend Edublox to parents who have experienced similar circumstances with their children, and once again wish to say a big thank you.

Attached is a copy of his latest report.


Mike, Roeshinka and Kyle Christie.

Click here to view Kyle's first term Grade 4 report.
An update: Click here to also view Kyle’s second term report.

   Update, November 2011:

Mike Christie's eMail

Final update: Click here to also view Kyle's fourth term report and scroll for academic achievement.

In September 2010 Matthew’s parents enrolled him at the Edublox clinic in Kempton Park where he attended one lesson per week and also did Compublox at home. During the April holidays he did an intensive course. In June 2011, his teacher reported on his progress:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jansen

It would be my pleasure to provide my insights into Matthew's progress.

I have never seen such a remarkable change in a student like I have in Matthew. Last year he could not spell, I could not make out anything he wrote, his phonics skills were non-existent and the words he wrote could not be made out at all. He could not write coherent simple sentences. I could only ask him to read a few simple words during class reading as I did not want to embarrass him in front of the class.

He was shy, non-communicative and never participated in class.

This year not only can he spell, but he can write sentences, paragraphs, diary entries, book reviews, and anything else that is required. He reads full paragraphs in front of the class without hesitating on every word.

The most remarkable change though, is in himself as a person. He walks taller, he speaks with confidence, he participates in class discussions, and his hand is up first to answer every question I ask in class. He has become a strong class leader and I can count on him to carry out anything I need doing.

It has been a treat as a teacher to watch the transformation that has occurred in him. Students like Matthew make my job worthwhile.

Kind regards,

Mrs. Carol Smith
Dalmondeor Primary School

eMail from Nettie du Bruin

Jessica Quinn: “As is so common with young children today, my 7 year old son Liam has a history of occupational and speech therapy. Although he has not been diagnosed with ADD, various test results have indicated that his concentration skills were not where they should be. His quiet and sensitive nature also prevented him from asking questions and participating in a class environment.

“After meeting Alison Bourbier, I decided to send Liam to Edublox at the beginning of the fourth term of last year. Liam was in the Grade R class. By the third session, Liam was actually enjoying the work and becoming more and more confident in offering answers.

“He completed an OT and speech therapy test at the beginning of this year which indicated that his memory skills had improved dramatically. Liam’s self confidence is continually improving and his school teacher has also remarked on the improvement in his fine motor skills and reading ability over the past six months.

“I have no doubt that Edublox has contributed to this.”

eMail from Glorina Nxongo

eMail from Gilbert Samuels

Click here to view Sabrina's report (compare Term 1 with Term 4).

Lameez Armien: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff at Edublox for everything you are doing to help the twins Joshua and Jeremiah. Both of them went through a lot of emotional issues, and are now in my care as foster children.

“In Grade 2 Jeremiah was diagnosed with ADHD and very severe learning disabilities. He repeated Grade 2 and the following year was promoted to Grade 3 with support.” Read more…

Leilani Pereira: “In Grade 1 already the teacher picked up that there was some sort of challenge with spelling. We thought it was Ronan’s eyes, subsequently had his eyes tested and he got reading glasses. During the 1st two terms of Grade 2 I noticed a steady deterioration in his spelling achievements and then found the God-sent flyer of Edublox!

“Ronan’s spelling mark in April for one specific test was 1/15. In July it progressed to 15/30 and by November he was achieving 21/30.” Read more…

Mrs Jenkings: “Jonathan joined Edublox because he really battled with reading and spelling. He was the weakest reader in his class and though we had tried extra reading and reading centres there was no improvement.

“Since joining Edublox, there has been a remarkable improvement in spelling, which has seen his marks in prepared spelling going from a 3 to a 4. In the last term he got full marks for a spelling test. His incidental/unprepared spelling has gone from a 2 to a 3.” Read more, and see samples of Jonathan’s spelling tests…

Li-Ann Meyer: “The school our son attends brought to our attention that he battled to concentrate in class, and if we did not work on his concentration he would battle later in the year when the work becomes more difficult. It is then that we started doing research to help him with concentration, and also thought that enrolling him at Edublox will give him a better advantage at reading skills.

“Joshua's concentration levels have improved tremendously as well as his reading and spelling skills. We have also observed that his vocabulary has improved considerably and have seen an improvement in his handwriting as well.” Read more…

eMail from the Timmets

Carmen de Jager

Carmen struggled to read fluently and to concentrate for long periods. This caused her marks to fall and left her with a low self-esteem. She started to stumble over her words when talking to people face-to-face. She had an extreme fear to deliver speeches in front of the class.

Since joining Edublox she has more self-confidence. It is less stressful for her to study as she can concentrate for longer periods. She more easily takes part in conversations. She reads better, but this still needs to improve. She enjoys attending these classes and gives her full participation.

eMail from Tina Truter

eMail from Belekazi

Natasha Odendaal: “My son is a Grade 2 learner and had extreme difficulties in reading and spelling – he could hardly read at all. This resulted in Ryan having an awfully low self esteem. I was called in by his teacher at the end of term 3 where she had given me the choice to either let him go to Grade 3 or let him stay for a second year in Grade 2 because of his inability to read and spell. It was a very difficult decision to make but at the end I had to put his interest first and keep him in Grade 2.

“My second step was to get professional help and with the help of the internet I found Edublox and contacted the Claremont office.
Immediately an assessment was arranged, and afterwards classes which Ryan attended twice a week from the last quarter of 2009.

“Since the first term of 2010 Ryan has achieved a tremendous improvement in his school work. He is more confident and more focused. Even the teacher said that he is more eager to work in class, his concentration level is excellent and he is willing to participate in activities. Ryan is now able to do his homework with little help from me. He can now read on his own and can identify his own mistakes.”

Note: In February 2011, after attending Edublox for longer than a year, Ryan and all the other Grade 3 learners in his school were assessed by the Department of Education. Ryan scored above grade average in Literacy and Numeracy:

Ryan's report


Mrs Combrink: “Lurisca started at Edublox in August 2009 for assistance with the following difficulties:

  • Concentration problems
  • Slow work tempo – could not complete tasks time
  • Reading below standard
  • Poor word recognition
  • Poor spelling
  • Low self-esteem and always unsure about her work
“The assessment confirmed that she needed help and the recommendation was that she attend one class per week for a year.

“Within the first month her schoolwork improved significantly. By the end of the third term of 2009 the average for all her subjects was 3 (meets the required levels of performance), and by the first quarter of 2010 the average increased to 4 (exceeds expectation).

“Her reading, spelling, and work tempo have improved considerably. She now completes her homework without any help from her parents and the problem with low self-esteem is a thing of the past.

“A year has passed since she started with the Edublox classes and major improvements were achieved in various areas. Due to the excellent results accomplished to date, we decided to continue with the Edublox classes although she no longer needs help. Lurisca enjoys attending the classes tremendously and all the attention and sweets are obviously a bonus.”

From: Hannatjie
Sent: 04 May 2010 04:25 PM
To: Marietha
Subject: Letter of thanks

Hi Marietha,

This letter is to thank you and Edublox for the wonderful work you are doing.

My son Shaun who is now in grade 1, has been with you from the beginning of this year. When he received his report card this year after his first trimester at school I was astonished at how well he did - he only had 4's on his report card for everything. He is doing very well at school and definitely starting his school career on the right track. Thanks a million, you are doing a great job!



From: Patrick Davids [mailto:patrickdavids@yahoo.com]
Sent: 21 June 2010 11:29 AM
To: Marietha
Subject: Re: Edublox evaluation

Hi Marietha
Thank God for your good heart to take this programme and bring it to our area. If there is one thing destroying me daily is to see how many kids future is being destroyed because of lack of support; my prayers will always support this programme and I'm prepared to preach the gospel of edublox to many parents.


Mrs Teresa Hudson: “My son went to school in the year that he turned six. I was advised by my concerned sister-in-law and pre-primary teachers that he should only go to Grade 1 once he had ALREADY turned seven. His birthday is on 24 December. So, in Grade 1, while his class mates turned 7 within months of starting their schooling career, my son was still 6 years of age. This might sound normal if you are a parent who went to school yourself at the age of six. The problem today is the fact that the curriculum is NOT the same as when you went to school. By the end of term 3 of his first grade, his teacher called me in and said that he lags behind other children, and that failing him is a consideration and would probably be to his advantage in the future. He swapped b's, d's, p's and q's, would read words backwards e.g. was for saw. He was still too young, immature, not responsible enough etc, etc.” Read more…

Mrs. S. Ridout: "Sean had a reading and spelling problem. He was mixing his b's and d's. After an assessment in both Grade 2 and Grade 3 we were told that he had an emotional problem and nothing more. He had to repeat Grade 3, after which we still felt that he had not progressed as he should have. He had had just over one year of remedial which helped, but still the same problem persisted. I tried all I could at home, to no avail. His work tempo was slow. He didn't finish work and in exams had to be given extra time to finish. He would not do his orals either.

"In mid-September (Sean was now in Grade 7) I was called in to see the school psychologist and principal. They said they felt he would not cope in high school, and suggested that he be transferred to the special class and then to a special high school. After many years of battling with few results we decided the only answer was to give your program a try as we were not willing to put Sean into a special school without a fight.

"Sean's confidence has improved, enabling him to do orals. He has begun reading for pleasure, and finished all his December exams within the time limit. Both his reading and spelling have improved and also his handwriting. He has passed Grade 7."

Mrs. Lombard: "The first term I had to teach him and he had to memorise everything; the second term, after starting with the program he studied on his own with some help from me. By the fourth term he was able to study on his own and I did not even check his work. His reading speed as well as his comprehension had improved, and his spelling is also a lot better."

Kitty Venter: “Pedri (a Grade 6 learner) had been diagnosed as dyslexic. His reading ability was on a Grade 2, second-semester level. He underachieved in Maths, his concentration was poor, he had a spelling problem, poor self-esteem, perceptual problems and his memory was poor.

“Reading and spelling have improved tremendously. Previously I had to read aloud all his schoolwork. After 6 months he virtually studied on his own for this exam. He had made so much progress that he was now ready to attend extra Maths classes. His concentration and memory have improved as well as his self-esteem. At this point in time reversals in numbers are virtually non-existent, while there are no more reversals in spelling. For the first time in his school career he received a merit prize.”

Mrs. A. Hartzer: “At the end of Grade 1 she could not read at all. She did not know her sounds and was therefore also unable to spell. Because her friends could do what she could not do, she completely distanced herself from them.

“Now, at the end of Grade 2, she can read anything! Her spelling is also good. Her relationship with her friends has also improved. She even participates in athletics now, which she previously avoided.”

Hesti Geldenhuys: "Karla has always been a dreamer who liked playing in her own fantasy world, but she was also an obviously intelligent infant, who was able very early to sing many songs and to recognise shapes and colours. When she started Grade 0, her teacher complained that she was unable to focus her attention on and complete tasks. I wondered whether she was ready for school, and had her assessed at the University of Pretoria. She did very well on the tests, and on some of the tests scored as high as a nine-year level, although she was only five at the time. They assured me that she was intelligent and ready for school, although they also remarked that her work speed was rather slow. After a discussion with the school principal and the Grade 0 teacher, I decided to let her start school." Read more…

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