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Recognising and Retaining Sight Words
Improved Tremendously

In term one of Brianís Grade 2 year, the teacher indicated that she was very concerned about Brianís reading capabilities. We asked Monique to test Brian and so our journey began.

Brianís ability to recognise and retain sight words has improved tremendously. His fluency has also increased substantially. Brian chooses his reading homework as one of the first things he likes to complete.

I have noticed how his brain training has helped him with his ABACUS Maths flash cards.

There are occasional times when his b and d still lets him down.

Helen Loots
15 September 2014

Brainís Grade 2 first-term report showed that he struggled:


Improvement was noted by the second term in Grade 3:


Brian does well in his weekly spelling tests:

Spelling Test