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Zanís Story of Overcoming Reading
and Spelling Difficulties

It was September 2012 when we received an assessment report from a psychologist. It was recommended that Zan be referred to long term remedial because she was not coping in mainstream. She had problems with regards to reversing letters and numbers, she battled with reading and could not solve word sums. We applied at a remedial school, however, there was no space. Her school took her back on the condition that she repeat Grade One. We agreed to do this but continued to apply to remedial schools as she could not cope with the standards of mainstream.

With the grace of God I went onto Google trying to find answers as to how I could help her. I discovered Edublox and from that moment I knew God was with me. When I took her to the Kloof branch of Edublox in December 2012, Marj recommended that she should attend a holiday course and follow up with lessons two times a week.

After a term of Edublox Zan stopped reversing letters and numbers, and she was in the first group of readers in her class. She was achieving 6ís and 7ís in all her school work. Her teachers were very impressed with the sudden change in her abilities. There was no need to continue applying to remedial schools as she was now coping with mainstream. I am very happy and proud as she maintained this high standard throughout the year. Zan is continuing Edublox once a week.

Now she enjoys doing her homework and really loves reading. I am a very proud mom and I give all thanks to God for leading me to Edublox. Marj and her team have done a great job! To all moms and dads out there, please donít lose hope, your child can get all the help he or she needs from Edublox.

Thank you,

Zanís Mom and Dad

Independent Assessment, November 2012:

Zan is 4 to 17 months behind in the areas that were tested.

Test Results

Independent Assessments, August and November 2013:

And look at her now... A full year ahead in some areas.

Test Results

Zanís Year-End Report, 2012:

Zan scores mostly 3ís, and even a few 2ís on her report, which is not satisfactory.



Zanís Year-End Report, 2013:

Zan scores 6ís and 7ís!