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Low Self-Esteem after Repeating a Grade

Akeem with Louna Spies of the Edublox
Paarl branch and school principal Mr Fortuin.

Akeem Abrahams, a Grade 5 learner of Mary Help of Christians Primary in Paarl, was chosen as one of the Top Ten Edublox Learners for 2014. His prize money and certificate were presented to him at school. His mother, Celeste Abrahams, wrote:

Akeem struggled with both English (reading and spelling), Mathematics and remembering anything he had learned. He just couldn't remember the work. He repeated Grade 2 and we decided to enrol him in a program for children with learning difficulties. In Grade 4 his teacher called us in and said how much he was struggling and might not pass the year without extra help.

Akeem already had a low self-esteem due to him repeating a grade and because he was struggling with his school work. He refused to go to school, because it was torture for him. He read very slowly and had to sound out almost every word. He could not remember what he had learned and this frustrated him and us.

He worried constantly about repeating a year again and this made him aggressive and angry most of the time. Akeem was stressed and cried a lot! He asked questions like: "Why am I stupid and dumb?" "Why can't I read like my friends?" "Why can't I remember my work?" He would come home from school and say how embarrassed he was when he had to read in class and that the children made fun of him. This broke our hearts!

By the Grace of God I saw an ad in the newspaper about Edublox. At this time we as a family were at an all time low, because we did not know how to help our son. Akeem did not want to go for extra lessons, because he felt nothing or no-one could help him.

Akeem started his Edublox journey in May 2014. He attended a 10-day intensive 1-on-1 course, and then continued to attend two lessons per week. His mother continues the story:

Akeem became more self-confident; he even offered to read to us. No more begging and bribing him to do so. He would read the titles of movies on the TV, something he never attempted in the past. I could see that he became more relaxed, did not worry that much anymore, because he started to remember what he had learned and could now recognise words and sounds. His overall grades improved tremendously.

Akeem failed terms 1 and 2, then started with Edublox and passed the remaining terms and the year. Akeem no longer dreads going to school, he actually enjoys it now.

His teacher thanked us for sending him to Edublox. She saw a major improvement in him and in his schoolwork. Just to see the look on my son's face when we opened his report and saw that he had passed the year was a priceless moment for all of us.

Akeem also thanked us for sending him to Edublox. When I first told him that I wanted to send him for extra help, he did not want to go, but now he can't wait for his lessons at Edublox. He loves it and loves his teachers.

Thank you Louna and all the tutors at Edublox, you really made a big difference in our lives.