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Intensive Holiday Courses

Ask yourself...

  • Has your child lost hope in being able to read fluently?
  • Does he/she suffer from low self-esteem due to learning failure and/or poor school achievement?
  • Is there a possibility that he/she may fail his/her school year?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, our intensive holiday courses might be the answer for you!

While there is no ‘quick-fix’ for learning failure and learning difficulties, our intensive holiday courses have proved to accelerate results and will help your child take a giant leap forward!

Results — Intensive Holiday Courses:

The intention of our intensive holiday courses is first and foremost to improve cognitive abilities — attention, visual and auditory processing, memory, et cetera. We use our cognitive abilities to acquire knowledge; they can be considered our tools for learning.

Increase in IQ

While an IQ score is certainly not the sum of a person’s cognitive abilities, it is one criterion that can be used to compare a person’s cognitive ability to that of the general population.

Ten youngsters with severe learning difficulties were tested on the South African Intelligence Scale before starting a two-week intensive course, and again after receiving 40 hours of one-on-one instruction. Their ages were between 7 and 18.

The increases in verbal, non-verbal and full scale IQ were highly significant according to the two-tailed t-test.

Verbal IQ Subtests   
Verbal Reasoning9.110.0 
Mean Verbal IQ85.491.0Increase significant at the 0.001 level
Non-Verbal IQ Subtests   
Pattern Completion8.48.7 
Block Design8.210.3 
Form Board11.115.3 
Mean Non-Verbal IQ92.6105.1Increase significant at the 0.001 level
MEAN FULL SCALE IQ87.097.1Increase significant at the 0.001 level

An M.Ed. study by Wynand de Wet has shown that our program increases IQ scores significantly in less than 30 hours and when used in a group. He applied our program to a group of deaf children; their average non-verbal IQ increased by 11.6 points in 27.5 hours of tuition, done over a period of time.

In short, 30 to 40 hours of tuition is generally sufficient to place a learner in a higher cognitive level — low average moves up to average, average to high average, et cetera.

Improved reading skills

As research has shown, enhanced cognitive abilities lead to improved reading, spelling and learning skills. Many reading programs offer to improve reading skills, but only those grounded in cognitive assessment and training achieve the established, long-term results.

Below is the pre- and post ophthalmograph results of one Grade 4 learner who attended a two-week intensive course. Her relative reading efficiency level increased by two and a half years! While not all learners will gain as much, even a one-year gain in reading efficiency can change a child’s life.


After the intensive course, the learner will ideally continue with the weekly Edublox classes or continue with one of the Edublox home programs.