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Edublox Clinic in Cape Town, Plumstead and Rylands

Zainu Allie is the Edublox franchisee in Plumstead and Rylands, Cape Town. This mother of two teenagers trained as a teacher and taught children for fifteen years. During this time she got her qualification in basic counselling skills from the SA College of Psychology.

She became interested in helping children with learning difficulties and was put onto Audiblox. After qualifying as an Audiblox Tutor and inspired by the program’s initial developer, Dr Jan Strydom, she also trained as an Audiblox Master Trainer, which she describes as a life-changing experience. And in January 2009 she went on to open her franchise.

Zainu is really excited by the results that she sees in her learners and by the changes she experiences in stressed-out parents and children. Children who hate school and reading come to her for a few sessions and suddenly a new child emerges. These “new” children are confident, happy and smiling. And they don't even mind coming for Edublox training during school holidays!

Zainu was almost lost to the children, however, as she planned on becoming a dolphin trainer. Fortunately for the children and parents of Cape Town, Zainu saw the movie “Jaws” and decided to stay away from the sea forever!

Edublox Claremont

Edublox Claremont

What Edublox offers:

  • An assessment of your child’s reading and learning skills.
  • Weekly classes to improve concentration, perception, memory, logical thinking, reading speed and spelling ability.
  • Help for learners with reading and spelling difficulties, including reversals of letters such as ‘b’ and ‘d’.
  • Intensive holiday courses for accelerated progress and results.
  • Classes on study skills, study methods and study techniques for Grade 4 and older learners.
  • School readiness classes for the little ones.

Contact Details:
Zainu Allie
Cell: 067-137-1367
Email: Zainu Allie