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ADD Learnerís Average Increased from a
Low 60% to 72%

Dear Susan and Edublox Staff,

There arenít enough ways to express my utmost appreciation for the work that you do.

Last year, third term, Deon (Grade 5) started attending Edublox classes. As a boy, attending classes took a lot of encouraging but in a few months he was enjoying Edublox and keen to go. His confidence in his academic abilities was starting to grow.

Being diagnosed with ADD in Grade 3, learning and reading was an immense challenge and a time consuming process. As parents, we encouraged Deon to give his best; academic achievements were a Ďbonusí.

A year later, Deonís self-confidence has grown in leaps and bounds and he is earning his Ďbonusí. It was wonderful to receive a report on Thursday and see his effort yielding results. His overall average has increased from a low 60% to 72%. His languages have improved the most, with 77% for Afrikaans and 79% for English!

To all parents considering Edublox, please know the effort is SO worth it! Edublox is not only an academic investment; more importantly, you are investing in your child personally.

Susan, thank you for the blessing you are through the work you do! The positive learning environment allows children to believe in themselves and the academic results are the bonus.

May you continue with your success!
With sincerest appreciation,
Chantalle de Kock
25 July 2014

Deon, a Grade 5 learner, was assessed on the Essi Reading Test before he started at Edublox.

This reading test aims at determining the sight word vocabulary of a learner. Norms for the tests, available for each term, have been calculated in the form of stanines and percentile ranks.

Of children doing the test,
4% score a stanine of 1 (VERY POOR)
19% score a stanine of 2 or 3 (POOR)
54% score a stanine of 4, 5 or 6 (AVERAGE)
19% score a stanine of 7 or 8 (GOOD)
4% score a stanine of 9 (VERY GOOD)

Deon achieved a stanine of 3 (POOR).

He was also assessed on the Essi Spelling Test.

He achieved a stanine of 5 (AVERAGE).

A year later Deon, now a Grade 6 learner, was re-assessed on the Essi Reading and Spelling Test.

He achieved a stanine of 6 (HIGH AVERAGE) for both the reading and spelling tests.

Below are Deonís school reports for the first term of 2013, as well as the first and second terms of 2014. His average has improved from 63% to 72%: