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Our Rich History

Edublox is a reading and learning clinic where learners attend classes to develop and improve their reading and learning skills. The establishment of a clinic is simultaneously
  • a new venture (the first clinic opened in February 2007),
  • the end-result of 30 years' experience in practice, and
  • the combined effort of 50 years of intensive research about reading and learning.

Over the 30 years we have helped thousands of learners, not only in South Africa, but worldwide. Some of our programs are exported to eight countries, but the newest, latest and best techniques and methods are used and presented exclusively at the Edublox clinics.

During these years we have featured in many magazines and newspapers around the world, as well as on national television, one of these programs being Carte Blanche. Below are a few examples.

Dyslexia Breakthrough (Pretoria News, South Africa, 21 June 1982)

New Hope Through Audiblox (Human Science Researcher, South Africa, June 1990)

Overcoming Dyslexia (The Citizen, South Africa, 24 April 1991)

Hope for Slow Readers (Natal Mercury, South Africa, 1992)

Dyslexia: New Treatment, New Hope (Fair Lady, South Africa, 1992)

Dyslexia: Beating the Back-to-Front Battle (Womens Value, South Africa, 1993)

Kit Helps Children to Learn (La Femme, South Africa, early 90s)

Dyslexia (New Horizons, South Africa, early 90s)

Disabled (10) Learns to Read and Write in 60 Days (translated, Beeld, South Africa, early 90s)

Television Programs (one of them Carte Blanche, early 90s)

Program Improves Reading (South-West News, Australia, 1998)

Book World Opens Around the Block (Courier-Mail, Australia, 18 September 1998)

New Hope for Slow Readers (Kids in Perth, Australia, 2003)

There are Ways to Beat Dyslexia (Pretoria News, South Africa, 27 October 2004)

Dyslexia: The Write Stuff (People, South Africa, 11 February 2005)

Audiblox: Little Blocks Make a Big Difference (The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, USA, Spring 2006)

A New Style of Teaching (Herald Journal, USA, 16 October 2006)

Specially for the Young Ones (Hindustan Times, India, 31 August 2007)

How to Get Your Letters In Line: Researcher Devises Program for Dyslexics (translated, Rapport, South Africa, 30 September 2007)

Conquering the Learning Block (Hindustan Times, India, 2008)

Edublox Vaal Triangle Franchise Opening (Vaalweekblad, South Africa, December 2009)

Television Programs (WKYC, USA, November 2010 and February 2011)

Learning Clinic Visits Local School for Mandela Day (Meyerton Ster, South Africa, 15-19 August 2011)

Learning Disability Specialists Reach Out to Hout Bay Children (The New Age, South Africa, 24 November 2011)

Building on Reading (Mail & Guardian, South Africa, January 2012)

Audiblox Review (The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, USA, February 2012)

A Grand Entrance for Troy (Roodepoort Northsider, South Africa, 16 February 2012)

TV Series (Whizz Kids of Mzansi, SABC1, South Africa, 28 February 2012)

Radio Interview on Dyslexia (Impact Radio, South Africa, 8 March 2012)

New Research May Change the Face of Dyslexia (Umhlanga Globe, South Africa, 23 March 2012)

Preventing ADHD Is Possible (Health24.com, South Africa, 27 March 2012)

Brain Training Clinic Is Well Worth Your Attention (Pretoria News, South Africa, 28 March 2012)

Beating the Odds (Minimag, South Africa, April 2012)

About ADD / ADHD Labels (Kwvol, South Africa, 13 April 2012)

New Research May Change the Face of Dyslexia (TygerBurger, South Africa, 18 April 2012)